Food Justice brings smiles to faces of children

Since establishing Jeffco Eats at the end of 2016 we have served at over 50 locations. Schools have 250 to over 400 students at each location. Food justice has a heart and a face. Here are some thank you for helping us accounts over the last three years.

A mom told school liaison the day after her child brought home first weekend food bag – I am so grateful for the peanut butter. I got a loaf of bread for in the car so when we drive home from school we have something to eat right away.

A liaison at one of our schools worked there for over 20 years and at her retirement assembly which our Executive Director attended the children sang to her ,” We can count on you, You can count on us.” Right after this very beautiful and emotional time, the liaison shared with Barbara that she had got over 200 thank you notes and almost 100 % of notes said with great adjectives, THANK YOU FOR THE FOODS ON THURSDAYS. Many said Thursday was my favorite day of week at school because we got food.

At an Edgewater school we serve a man who had three children attending the school that he worked, almost cried when he saw we were giving not only shelf stable foods, but apples and yogurt.

We were delivering our first month at a Lakewood Elementary school and a man was sharing he was losing his home and as a refugee would have to leave the school. We were able to give him three large bags of foods to take with him.  He was crying with thanks. 

Metro West Housing Moms told us they needed flour and sugar and oil for baking. We received big thanks for doing special food drive to get those items. 

A boy had just gotten his weekend food bag on Thursday and Friday morning went into office of liaison. He said can I have a can of beef stew. She said did you not get your bag yesterday. He said I did but I ate it last night and it made my headache go away. I get headaches at night cause I am hungry and the beef stew takes my hunger headache away.  


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