Advancing Legacies of Generosity

For nine weeks we partnered with McLain High of Lakewood to do targeted food drives at King Soopers in Lakewood. Generosity started because King Soopers is one of few grocers allowing non profits to set up tables to ask for donations. Thank you King Soopers !

The population of students at McLain does include those who have food insecurity sometimes during a month. There are also homeless students. The outreaches the students participated in was to develop hands on experiences of helping others.

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Each week we had approximately 14 students from 9th to 12th grade. We gave them the how to’s like be courteous and quick in your ask. Be polite to those who decline. We asked for targeted foods or monetary donations to be placed in cash donation container. They worked for about two hours asking and receiving the foods. People who brought back foods to our table were asked if they wanted additional information about Jeffco Eats Like volunteering. So how did we SEE generosity advancing ?

On week two a student went inside King Soopers and shopped with his money for top ramen and donated . He said he felt he had to give too. His smile as he shared this prompting to give was contagious.

Our last day with McLain included two events of GENEROSITY becoming an outcome of helping others. One student went inside to shop and give. They had a bag full of items and again looked so happy to provide this support for other children. A second students said she had to put some cash in the donation box because it was the right thing to do.

Generosity is contagious.

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