Schools Served

Schools, Apartments & Locations Jeffco Eats Has Served Since 2017

Arvada High
Arvada K-8
Foster Elementary
Jeffco Arvada Head Start
North Arvada Middle School
Pomona High
Seacrest Elementary
Seacrest Pool
Swanson Elementary

Fish Broomfield

Alameda Jr SR High
Bear Creek K-8
Bel Mar Elementary
Bel Mar Grove Apartments
Benefits in Action
Brown Bag Ministries
Camp at New Life Church
Creighton Middle School
Lakewood High
Carmody Middle School
Cedar Grove Apartments
Deane Elementary
Eiber Elementary
Emory Elementary
Foothills Elementary
Glennon Heights Elementary
Gold Crown Foundation
Green Gables Elementary
Hope Crossing Church
Kids Smart Glennon Heights
Lakewood Head Start
Lakewood Links Rec Center
Lamar Station Apartments
Lasley Elementary
Maplewood Apartments
Marston Pointe Apartments
McLain High
Mission 98
Brady High Lakewood
Mission 98 Lakewood
Molholm Elementary
Mountair Christian Church
O’kane Park
Ray Ross Park Lakewood
Refugees Green Mountain
Rose Stein Elementary
St Bernadette Catholic School
Surfside Spray Park
The Road – Mental Health Youth
Timber leaf Apartments
Vivian Elementary
West Gate Elementary

Edgewater Elementary
Kids Smart Mountain Phoenix
Lumberg Elementary
Jefferson High School and Jr High

Kids Smart Wilmore Davis
Everett Middle School
Wilmore Davis Wheat Ridge