Teams & Leaders needed -so children eat veggies and healthy snacks

Back to school time after school supplies in place opens door for people to help feed the children weekly. Our 22 sites our totally Volunteer led and run. Please consider helping with operations for snacks, produce and or food drives . The work required each week is two to five hours. We need leaders and team members. We buy most of our foods from Food Bank Rockies.

Snacks – Jeffco Eats provides snacks in the seven item food share bags we pack each Friday. We put two snacks a week in bags. Snacks are also what we provide high school students who want snacks and not canned foods. Snacks are what we give some sites that get shelf stable foods from other non profits weekly. We serve from head starts to high schools. Snack leaders or team can help on Wednesday or Thursday morning. We need people who are spread sheet savvy but not everyone needs to do those.

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FOOD DRIVES – We need a leader and teams to do monthly food drives at stores like King Soopers for four hours with two hour shifts. You ask shoppers to get a can or item while they are shopping for the children who are hungry.

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PRODUCE – We get produce from Food Bank Rockies Push program and local community gardens and we grow some veggies ourselves. We need team to sort , clean and pack veggies for mobile deliveries. We do more shelf stable produce like onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots short life items like peppers, tomatoes. Many families get the produce as we give it to those signed up to get food shares each week and to the whole school or apartment complex. This is a key area we need to raise up a team to meet these needs. We follow USDA food safety regulations of course.

Produce can be delivered by Thursday drivers and other supplemental drivers. We are working on getting a truck donated to us as we only rent U hauls now and use volunteers vehicles to deliver weekly.

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Please email : to find out more of the details. We truly need your help.

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