Food fights in a cafeteria

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When I went to school kids got naughty and threw foods when no teachers were looking. A bizarre idea of fun for sure. I keep thinking about why I am spending my life with Jeffco Eats as a retirement age person. When Deacon Bethany Thomas of church in Golden cried out – we are going to end hunger in Golden together …. the force of her spirit broke me. She is normally a very low key person. Well think about our city of Lakewood Colorado for example as a place we are having a food fight. Some spend money on fancy extravagant meals every week and throw lots of expensive foods in their trash. They call themselves “foodies”. As I was an organic farmer full time for five years I was growing foods for those fancy restaurants. We have always had the haves and the have nots but today the number of people who do not have enough money to buy just adequate foods to not be hungry is truly skyrocketing. $32 an hour to live in Jefferson County is a non fiction book. To cover expenses you need to earn as a person or family $60 K. Food fights happen when the first basic need of food is met at an irregular basis. This means in any week or month you can have to stretch food, not eat meals, have family members eat less than what they need to be full not stuffed. Your psychological self freaks out when this happens for awhile. You go on “high alert” trauma syndrome. This means even when you get done eating something you are looking for your next meal with stress and striving and not happiness or peace.

When living with lack in most of the hierarchy of needs your life is like that circus character with the spinning plates.

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life that feels like all the plates are spinning

Follow these posts for your giving us feedback about why you or your family might want to develop a habit weekly of generosity for the unmet needs of our neighbors who are hungry.

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