We Outgrew Our Facility and We grew into our growth


St Bernadette Catholic School allowed us to use 2500 sf of their space for a year which was such a blessing. We expanded a lot this year . We grew by more than 50 percent. We started serving 600 children and their families and other students not signed up for weekend food shares. We went from 400 to 600 food share a week beginning in January. We brought 200 students at Jeffco Head Start food staples each week and produce and snacks. This jump was a fifty percent increase in our outputs.

We started to give out 90 large boxes of snacks a week plus produce. We increased our produce outputs to 4000 more pounds a week beginning in January. Our team is tired but we grew into our growth.

We need to find a new home for Jeffco Eats. We need 2500 sf minimum with entry level. Stairs are not kind to moving heavy cases of foods. The space needs to be a gift from the building owners to our three year old growing non profit filled with passion and purpose. Contact jeffcoeats@gmail.com if you know of a Lakewood area space. We do 70 percent of our deliveries in Lakewood. Thank you for your support. Donations can be made at www.jeffcoeats.org


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