Summer Time for Jeffco Eats

Taking a Short Break for Summer
SUBJECT: Jeffco Eats is Taking a Short Break
Hello all,
I wanted to let you know that, this Summer, Jeffco Eats will be taking a break from the packing and delivery of food to the children of Jefferson County. As many of you know, St. Bernadette’s Catholic School is now being renovated to allow for full elementary school enrollment in the 2020 academic year. Our sincere thanks go to Father Tom Coyte, Julie Plouffe, Jerry Stravia, Jose Silva, and many others at the Parish for opening their hearts and their doors to us during the 2018-2019 school year. We will remember your generosity for years to come.
At present, Jeffco Eats is in a solid position. Our organizational framework is strong. Our finances are sound. And you, our volunteers, are loyal and generous. The one thing we lack at present is a suitable location from which to run our packing and distribution operations. Although Mountair Christian Church has been very kind in donating a house for our use, it is not appropriate for our operational needs. That is why we find ourselves having to go on hiatus for the short-term in Summer 2019. 
We will focus our efforts on finding a permanent (or long-lasting) space so that we can continue our important work in mid-August, at the start of the school year.
We also see the coming months as a chance to re-focus our efforts and continue to develop our structure and processes. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Leadership Team will be meeting throughout the Summer so that we will restart our operations for the Fall on an even stronger footing than we are ending this Spring.
Thanks to all of you for your dedication to Jeffco Eats.

we sure did provide a lot of great produce to our schools and apartments in 2018-2019 Describe this section
Volunteers as leaders and packers and delivery people are the life blood of Jeffco Eats

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