Snacks for students are Brain Food. Help teachers plus Jeffco Eats reduces hunger events.


Since Fall 2018 Jeffco Eats started to provide snacks for school kids because we were asked to help stop hunger events during the day. Prior to that we were just doing foods for weekend hunger. Children find it very hard to learn when they are hungry. Behavior when hungry can be affected and their health. Snacks help mental health. Healthy snacks helps the Childs health. We started with delivering 90 large cases of snacks each week with our 12 drivers.

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Our budget for snack foods needs community support. We get asked by every school for snacks for hunger during the day, after school during clubs, and evening hunger. Will you help ?

No Kids Hungry website has a study that shows teachers often spend up to $300 a year from their own funds to help reduce food insecurity events. This is when a child tells or is asked if they might need a snack.

Teachers stand at the front lines of hunger. Many reach into their own pockets to ensure kids get the food they need, spending $300 of their own money each year on food for students. They know that hungry kids can’t learn because, like pencils and notebooks, food is a vital school supply. 
Whether or not a child has enough food to eat effects everything from their health and behavior to educational outcomes and future productivity. Teachers are a powerful force in implementing innovative school breakfast programs that help more kids start their day with the nutrition they need.

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snacks we buy are healthy and stop hunger pains so kiddos can concentrate
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Help us buy more snacks for kids

The average school we serve has over 80 percent of children on free and reduced lunch. Poverty is a strong indicator of hunger and food insecurity . Could you donate $10 a month or $25 regularly ? We can feed several classes snacks each week for $50. Become a monthly donor in 2020 and stop more hunger events in a Childs life during or after school.

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