Public Charge SNAP facts


Do you and your family members already have green cards?
Are you applying for one of the following statuses?
Does your family plan to apply for a green card or visa from inside the United States?
Does your family plan to apply for a green card or visa from outside the United States?
U.S. consular offices abroad use different rules in making this decision. You should talk with an expert for advice on your case before making any decisions. For free or low-cost options near you, visit
TPS, U or T Visa, Asylum or Refugee status or Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
The public charge test does NOT apply to all immigrants, including the categories listed here. If you already have (or are in the process of applying for) one of these statuses, you can continue to use SNAP and any other government programs that you qualify for.
The use of SNAP (food stamps) WILL NOT impact you when you renew your green card or apply to become a U.S. citizen. However, if you plan to leave the country for more than 6 months, it’s a good idea to speak with an immigration attorney.
The public charge test may apply to you. For those with adjustment interviews in the U.S., only the use of SNAP (food stamps), Federal Public Housing and Section 8 assistance, Medicaid (except for emergency services, children under 21 years, pregnant, women and new mothers) and cash assistance programs (like SSI and TANF) will be considered in the public charge test. Your income, age, health, education, skills, family situation and sponsor’s affidavit of support will also be considered.
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