I am hungry. I am hunger


As I spend time in the community advocating for the silent children who have hunger pains in their bellies, I wondered this morning if we need to see the difference between a middle class suburban child who gets home from school and says, “I am hungry” vs a child who goes home to a fridge and empty food shelves and can’t even say, ” I am hunger” because no in is there to even listen.

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For the 300 classrooms that are part of our weekly program half of those children can have hunger event each week. Lets stop more of these events in 2020 .

Psychologists prove that chronic lack of daily food causes mental breakdowns. Hopeless, angry, mind swirling in lack of this and lack of that.

In the I AM HUNGER home, the child looks to find anything to eat. As they learn to hoard foods, they might have snagged a granola bar from a teacher and saved it to alleviate empty stomach grumbling in empty hunger event.

Homework time in middle class suburbia vs I am hunger home is a real different event too. ” Mom, I want some Doritos and a horizon milk box and my favorite fruit snacks. ” That snack could cost $3.00.

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