Food and Housing go together

Jeffco Eats is going to help together with others dedicated to end food insecurity . But looming is a giant of real estate with many loud voices calling it to bring everyone more wealth while others slip into their cars with their children in the night. This is wrong and has to stop. I designed a four season farmers market for the JSEL shopping center that was going to be built from modular units called storage containers.

Slide 1 of 41: Eco-friendly, quick to build and cost-effective, homes made from cargo containers provide an easy, affordable alternative for those who want to get a foot on the property ladder, but don't necessarily have the budget for a traditional bricks-and-mortar build. Here are 10 stunning but cheap container homes from around the world that prove that thinking outside the box doesn't mean compromising on style.

We just rented two 20 ft storage containers to run our non profit to be a mobile pantry for over 2500 families each week. We will be learning more as we use them. I have a career background in building materials and construction. What if these units are an answer to a big percentage of our housing costs problems ? Minimalists are a trendy life style but does our Building Permit and City Councils know in Jefferson and Denver Metro area that many people in Louisiana are still living in those small containers dropped after Katrina. I was a crisis Chaplain on mission there and in Galveston. When I saw the devastation and that people lost their house and had no insurance I said they will be living in these many people for a very long time.

Slide 12 of 41: Described by the architects as a "micro-housing solution [for] the less fortunate", local residents would be enlisted to help with designing and building the new development to help create a sense of community. Disused containers from a local port an hour away from the site could provide the starting point for this innovative village.

This is a skyline of storage container homes. I will be spending some of my spare time finding people who are building not luxury units but homes for families to stay home secure and food secure.

Please read this article and others and go to your city council and Realtors groups associations and find someone who will start a project .

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