HOME PLATE is the goal

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For the over 10,000 children and their families which would be 25,000 family members with the disease called food insecurity, we are going to take a stand together. Will you join us in this pledge ?

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“I pledge, or we pledge” to take actions and make decisions in Jefferson County to get our children and families to HOME PLATE.” “We will add to our life a legacy of helping others to EAT ” “We choose to give of ourselves to make this happen”

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HOME PLATE means that we shall provide enough foods and means and helps for self sufficiency skills for a family to no longer have to be in physiological chaos over having food and not having food. Having food and not having food each week, month and year.

University studies show that weekend food bags do help families to somewhat reduce food insecurity and trauma. The studies also show that MORE FOOD is needed to eliminate the ups and downs and fears of not being able to eat everyday. More food is needed through giving foods, snap benefits, food pantries, and higher levels of incomes and better food budgeting skills for these children and families.

Having had cancer in 2001, I am familiar with fighting for my life. You brace yourself. When will be the day that together in Jefferson County we will have a plan like General Patton to destroy this villain called FOOD INSECURITY ?

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We will be having a series of COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS WITH ACTIONS to bring our children and families to HOME PLATE together. If we really love our neighbor and we do, this will not be hard. We will exert enough effort over the next two years to take that villain down.

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Be on the lookout for announcements about our Home Plate community gatherings for action. We promise you these are not to just talk and slap ourselves a high five. No these are generals meetings who are going to go to war against this insidious disease called food insecurities

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