Serve Share Love

We are serving and sharing and loving our community together each week.

Jeffco Eats has made progress this year in developing a sound base of Volunteers for driving and packing and Leadership.

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We will be dedicating much hard work to creating stronger relationships with corporations and monthly supporters.

Food Insecurities have shifted to where schools are asking us for emergency foods and after school foods and during the week hunger issues. When you go beyond WEEKEND FOOD NEEDS which is 42 % of 21 meals a week – you must raise more financial support to meet these weekly increasing needs.

We started to get additional truck loads of food each month now which is 20 percent more food to SHARE. Your love and our love for the children will bring results to end this hunger, not just talk.

We have a brand new website and a new volunteer platform to make signing up easier.

It is approximately $4 per week for weekend food shares per child/family. To now provide snacks and emergency foods we will have a strategic campaign to meet the cries and needs of the children and families. Join our monthly donor group today: 12 x s a year is what we need to grow in serving, sharing and love for the hungry kiddos.

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