Why do we open our hands wide ?


One Sunday morning when I was about 40 years old a group was presenting about children in Africa they were helping who did not have shoes. For some reason this hit me so hard I started to cry and searched my purse for my checkbook. I was making six figure salary in the 1980’s and had lots of room in my checking account for impulsive spending.

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Growing up we did not have much money and I think my Mom kept us from truth of how much she used her skills to mange our money to keep us out of trouble. I do not remember ever volunteering for anything and we were not real big givers .

“Come on now Barbara, share with your sister Carolyn ” I am sure I heard those words because I only had one sibling and I was the oldest.

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I liked playing kickball and my sister liked having tea parties and playing with barbies, so I think we did ok sharing our toys. I think looking back that I was probably more generous with my time than with my allowance.

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At Jeffco Eats we believe strongly in community development. To participate in humans becoming more kind and generous. So we are kicking off a journey to discover in the midst of our “family” called Jeffco Eats how over the past three years and into the next three years our work is Advancing Legacies of Generosity.


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