Jeffco Eats collaborates with Brown Bag Ministries and other local pantries to feed more children


There is a great model in West Texas for a HUB AND SPOKE system to move out more foods in an area. Capacity building and being strategic and excellent is very much needed in cities and Jefferson county food pantry organizations.

Jeffco Eats has served over 50 sites with foods for children and families in school year and summer. We are now providing some foods to other pantries that are allowable based on Food Bank of Rockies Program providers operations .

Brown Bag Ministries Tammy Fischer is a woman who does amazing work feeding so many people each week. She has an amazing network considering she has a very small volunteer base. She is at work early every day capturing foods and on her way to sites where people are waiting for her. We have been able to give Tammy foods that do not suit our school children or families. . We are also providing foods to the pantry at Mountair Christian Church as much as we can.


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