Food Justice happens with a Christmas waffle machine or crockpot


At the 20 locations were deliver foods to each week every location has homeless children and insecurities around housing and foods. At Jeffco Eats we initiate regularly test pilot programs to dig into the hunger gaps and relieve some of the pain. Barbara Moore was a cooking teacher at Front Range High School several years ago. She was also an organic farmer and with this background and the help of Food Bank Rockies great foods available to purchase each week, they try ways to help families eat and eat healthier.

There are many recipes that have fewer ingredients that serve a more low budget life regarding foods. You can make main meal items on a mini waffle maker. We gave six young moms a waffle maker and basic foods to make blueberry waffles etc. In coming months we are going to provide them with recipes and some cooking tips. We will report how it changed their family to have more foods that are substantial and healthy.!

Crockpots for families program we did with Jefferson County Head Start. This campaign involved buying crockpots and giving them with fresh produce from local farms. It also included tips on food budgeting and active living exercise ideas. We are participating with them in the Active Life Healthy Living programs. Next steps are some meetings showing Recipes to use with crockpots that are healthy and economical. Less items in a recipe helps and simple to make yet healthier.

simple and healthy and affordable foods

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