We could not exist without being a community based organization.  Children make up half of those some weeks who faithfully pack the weekend food “eats”.   Our office is provided by St Paul’s Episcopal Church who serve the Eiber school community in many ways each week.

The process begins each week with a volunteer who drives to the Food Bank of the Rockies at I 70 and Havana to pick up our weekly order.  The driver brings the cases of food to one of packing locations.  The volunteers who range in age from 3 to 80 then begin the process of unloading cases of healthy food, readying plastic sacks to hold the seven items and the filling of the sacks begins.

Our packing volunteers range in size from seven to 30 depending on the season and the sites they serve.

Groups help like the Danish Sisters Organization and 4 H.

Volunteer Coordinator Tina Cowles works with social media and our volunteer app program to connect the many people who want to help with our weekly needs.