Thanksgiving has many faces

Since Spring 2017 we have made many friends at Jeffco Eats.  We have so much fun each week together and we also have people who come help with back pain and heart aches.  Image result for volunteering


In May we had a woman who is part of our Danish Sisters group come help pack 100 tote bags.  She was getting really hot and tired.  I saw the hour or so of packing was really getting to her.  To my surprise I found out she was 85 years old.  She had driven from Parker to come help us.  Thanksgiving has many faces.

On August 5th we had our first fundraiser at Golden City Brewery. We could not believe that over 150 people showed up to support the program work.  Of course, we had Eli Baumgarten on Keys !  A family came up to our table and said that they were teaching their children to give and to serve.  They believed that Jeffco Eats was just the type of cause they wanted to be part of. Image result for volunteering


Then there was little Ella who was our youngest volunteer for our summer packing of 450 totes at Glennon Heights Elementary every Friday this summer.  Ella is two and she held the plastic bag with her two little hands and her mom gentle dropped the seven items into her bag.  She did need a bit help when the last item went in.  Seven pounds of food was a bit heavy for her two year old hands.

Monica Cespedes was one of our first regular volunteers when we packed the tote bags at St Pauls Episcopal church which is our office location at 9200 W 10th Avenue Lakewood CO.  Monica is a very dedicated PTA leader for Eiber Elementary.  Her children would come many times during their summer vacation to help others.  During 2017 we have gladly observed that usually half of our volunteer work is done by children and youth.  Families always thank us that we are “family friendly” as a program.

We use Metro Volunteers website and program to help keep a steady flow of volunteers coming to drive and pack each week.  A volunteer registered with Metro Volunteers has expressed interest in one of your volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunity: Pick up Food at Food Bank of Rockies with our cargo van
Occurrence: 12/1/2017 8:00 AM

Volunteer information:  You can sign up at:

Volunteers Needed

Together we  can greatly reduce hunger on weekends for students 


We need help packing the weekend food sacks on Fridays from 10 to 11:30, delivering food sacks to schools on thursday and fridays at 11:00 to 1:00 , and picking up food at Food Bank of Rockies with our rented cargo van at 8 am and be done by 10:30.  Go to Metro Volunteers website and type in jeffco eats to send us email about your interest.

Together we can end childhood hunger on weekends. 

Help Is On the Way – October Jeffco Eats “news”

Word is out about Jeffco Eats.  We have schools calling us weekly to try and join our program to provide food for their students.  We were quoted in the Denver Post this weekend.  The article featured Food For Thought Denver and quoted Barbara Moore Executive Director of Jeffco eats regarding their great and increasing work.  


The nonprofit Jeffco Eats is a similar program that provides weekend meals to a large number of students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals at Jefferson County schools, director Barbara Moore said.

“Many of our schools in Lakewood have over 90 percent free- and reduced-lunch populations, and we have 3,000 homeless children in the Jefferson County Public Schools system,” Moore said. “Many people do not know that government does not give children food on weekends.”

        We are having a FUND RAISER ON OCTOBER 18 at 240 Union Restaurant. Come for lunch or dinner and they will donate 25% of proceeds to Jeffco Eats.

Call 303 898 3562 for reservations.  Address is 240 Union Blvd Lakewood.         


We are only serving less than ten percent of the needs of the four cities title one schools we are targeted to help with weekend food.  We cannot do it without our neighbors donating.  


We are proud to announce that we were a recipient of a Community First Foundation Grant. We have a solid grant writing strategy in place in addition to events, corporate gifts and individual donations.  We will have a growing focus this Christmas and holiday season for donations.  To fund our target student school and student population  at $4 per tote is over a million and a half dollars.

                                                        JEFFCO EATS

                                         Volunteering and Get Involved Ideas

  1. Packing totes with a group of 10 to 20 – Friday from 10 to 1130 at Foothills Elementary
  2. Driving truck to Food Bank of Rockies to pick up food. Friday 8 am to 10 am
  3. Events – host an event to raise money for food for our program – you can pick a school if it is near your church
  4. Volunteer coordinator – lead efforts to get volunteers
  5. Drive totes to a school each week on Thursday or Friday mid day.
  6. Grant writers and grant administrators  or Barb Moore 720 231 8337