Hunger Through My Lens

The PBS special Poor Kids,,  has ripped a hole in my heart.  The shocking raw emotion and sorrow of these children can not be met with indifference.  Numbing ourselves and denying the pain all around us is not the prescription to economic restoration in Jefferson County Colorado.  Together we are going to end hunger for our children.  Yes, together.  The article below is from Hunger Free Colorado, who does rock star work of all flavors and sorts.  Please read this and bring us some comments on our Face Book Page  /

Hunger Through My Lens participants host first exhibit in Prowers County

html_pcgroup“It’s hard to believe hunger is an issue in our country,” shared one resident of Prowers County.

It was a blue-bird day in Lamar, the Southeastern Colorado town of about 8,000 that serves as Prowers County’s seat. Topics of farming and ranching typically dominate local conversations, but this past Saturday, many were talking about the Hunger Through My Lens  exhibit at the Cultural Event Center.

Four residents—Elia, James, Sondee and Tasha—showcased their photographs and stories about how hunger has impacted their lives and their community, as well as ways to address the issue, for the first time on Nov. 12, 2016. They viewed their opening exhibition as a way to start the conversation about the issue of hunger locally and ways their community can address it. And it did just that.

Dozens of people visited the exhibit throughout the day, with many engaging in critical dialogue about food access, food quality and waste, obesity and the importance of community engagement to ensure local residents have access to healthy, affordable food.

img_2625Hunger Through My Lens is an advocacy project facilitated by Hunger Free Colorado and supported by local communities that aims to shed light on the reality of hunger across Colorado. It’s based on the photovoice model, a form of participatory action research that has been widely used in academic and other fields. Digital cameras serve as the main medium for participants to express themselves and put real stories to the statistics surrounding hunger, and each participant maintains the rights of their photographs.

The photovoice project initially launched in 2013 with a group of participants from the Denver Metro area. Since then, it has expanded to share perspectives from different regions of the state, including the San Luis Valley, the Roaring Fork Valley and now the Arkansas River Valley. The Prowers County project was done in partnership with resident volunteers, Emily Nieschberg, Susan Portner and the four participants to share perspectives from a rural, farming community on the Eastern Plains.

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Jeffco Eats Weekend Food Program is totally about collaboration.  We will be working this quarter of 2018 to uncover projects we can work on together to greatly increase the amount of food we are bringing to our precious school children and their families.